Wellhead Energy Systems
Wellhead Energy Systems

Energy Independence

Stranded resources could provide all of the future energy needs of the United States. Wellhead Energy Systems is striving to capture and convert those resources as well as currently wasted flare gas to the benefit of a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

Flare to energy

Flare to

Wellhead offers solutions for oil well and stranded gas well operators to turn the problem of flare gas into a profit. Our Flare to Energy components address environmental regulations as well as create new economic opportunities.

Direct Energy Distribution

Wellhead’s Downstream Generation Systems (DGS) can provide a distributed generation network to provide baseload power as well as backup power and redundancy to meet the nation’s growing demand for clean, reliable and sustainable sources of power. This “industrial smart grid” concept will provide energy where it is needed in a clean and efficient manner.

Untapped National Resources

Over 40% of the natural gas resources in the US are considered “stranded.” Wellhead Energy wants to put these stranded resources to work. Our modular systems have a design flexibility to process many forms of gas, including natural gas, flare gas, syngas, landfill gas, bio-gas, coal bed methane and others.